Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold The young woman who came to do the check of the property was very knowledgeable and very helpful. She explained a great many things that I had no idea about when it comes to the use of chemicals and things not to do when cleaning house! Very pleased with the experience!

- Margaret B. in Sunnyvale, CA on 10/12/2017

Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold Rich and Jayce provide me with the the best customer service I have ever experienced. Very thorough, knowledgeable, supportive and caring. I feel like they are treating me like a real person, not just number. When I've followed up with phone calls asking questions, they took the time to answer them. Rich is coordinating my mold remediation with the apartment complex to ensure it gets done right. He truly cares about people and their health. If you ever have a need for this type of service, I HIGHLY recommend Rich and Jayce. It doesn't get any better than that!!!

- Review by a homeowner in Sunnyvale, CA on 10/12/2017

Rich was extremely helpful in helping to investigate and inspect mold growth found in my apartment unit. He also provided all the vendors needed to help repair the problem and was very attentive the whole way! It was easy to get ahold of Rich and he was very professional around my tenants. Thanks Rich!

- Phillip P. on 10/04/2017

Richard Gray is a straight shooter who was great to work with, and didn't upsell anything. We used a coupon from Angie's list, and then had him come back for resting. He recommended the person who used to remove the mold. And we've had no issues since that treatment. Very helpful guy and glad we found him through Angie's List. A quick note about the inspection service we received and the actual cost. We knew exactly where the problem was, but had him inspect the house for our sake of mind. Our problem was such that it could not be handled on our own, and we opted for the professional cleaning since we have a child.

- Angela on 10/04/2017

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